Reframing Wonder: A Reboot

These introductory posts are THE. WORST. I hate them. I truly never know what to say.

But, this is a reboot of my personal blog, which I have held for several years elsewhere. I’ve entered a new chapter in my life called “Post-Grad,” and therefore felt a change would be refreshing.

So, why are we Reframing Wonder? Because it seems like, as adults (for me this especially true) it is FAR too easy to forget what it’s like to take delight in wonder. We no longer marvel at the things around us. It’s always busy, busy, busy, with no time for enjoying what’s right in the here and now. Always we must forge on toward the next item on our checklist, the next career aspiration, the next and newest whatever.

What happened to the gift of today?

That is what I am going to be asking myself in this new season of life. Want to ask it with me?

We might find some fun and maybe even (dare I say it?) JOY.


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