Stuff I Like: The Olympics

Good morning!

Since today marks the beginning of the London Olympic Games, I thought I would dedicate a post to my love of all things Olympics. If you know me at all, you might remember 2 years ago when I dropped off the face of the planet during the Winter Games in Vancouver. I spent more time watching sports in those two weeks alone than I probably had for most of my previous years combined. I’ve always liked the Olympics, but something really struck me in 2010. And I just could not get enough.

I couldn’t get enough of the athletes’ dedication to their sports, or the drive to represent their countries by doing what they love. I couldn’t get enough of the passion that poured from both Olympians and spectators alike. How for those two weeks, the world came together, and even though we were competing against each other, it didn’t carry the heaviness of conflict. We were all just people, joined together over our love for sport and country. And for Americans, it seemed like no one was concerned with what political affiliation you had or what your views on religion were (or were not) – we had a job to do, and that was to rally behind our team and scream for them until they won or we fell over from our efforts (or both!). We became patriotic once again, unified for a cause, and for those two weeks, we weren’t worried about what our neighbor was doing or who was voting for what candidate. We just loved our country and sports and we were part of a worldwide community that was doing the same thing.

I hope these next two weeks are a sweet reprieve as well. And a darn good sporting competition to boot!

Go USA! (And as the Visa commercial says, Go WORLD!)


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